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  • • MR16 is not compativle with Electronic Transformer
    Our LED Spotlight can compatible with common market, and here list some famous brand that we've done the
    Electronictransformer compatibility test:

    We shipped out batch orders this LED Spotlight to Finland, Israel, Australia, Switzerland, Thailand...ect., so far
    haven't any complain for the compatibility problem. However, there are some samples we shipped to Australia,
    they reflect the compatibility problems only for 5w spot light.
    As we don't know what's your local brand of transformer, we can't guarantee 100% compatible, so we suggest
    you try to get some samples to test your marketing first.
    In order to solve better the compatibility problems of transformers, our R&D is developing a matching transformer
    to achieve 100% compatible, and it will be comes out around the end of March.
  • • Technical Support:
    Customer made technical solutions and help available as customer required, you can email us your any technical 
    questions for free at serve@yongerjia.com.
    If you just extend your business line to LED Light, any questions about LED knowledge, pls feel free to contact us. 
    The mature market promotion scheme has got good market feedback in Europe, meanwhile we have established 
    long-term relationship with customers.

    WEJ have a professional after-sales team. For the purpose to strengthen and improve our after-sale service system, 
    you are always welcome to come back to give your feedback, to offer advice to help us. All requests from clients 
    will be responded in 12 hours锛坣ormally within 2 hours锛?We provide prompt delivery for our goods and seriously 
    deal with complaints from our customers.
  • • The 10W power dropped to 7.5W after lighting on a while
    Please go on testing, if after the long time testing, the power hasn't gone down to 7.5W, that will be still normal 
    to our spot. As our R&D do a special design for the temperature protection in the spot, which keeps the power 
    and luminous decay can be under control. Another words, it's not real decay, when the environment temperature 
    come lower, the power and luminous will be high again, normally the power region is 7.5W-10W. As you know, 
    now on the market, for most high power lights, the light decay cannot be controlled, and the result is real fast 
    fading or burnout, but ours will not. So, sincerely hope this phenomenon now is explained out and could be acceptable. 
  • • customer complain some of them have noise when turn on
    This problem should mainly due to the electronic transformer compatible property.
    I have conducted this question to our R&D, and if it’s convenient for your customer to change a transformer 
    to the spotlight? As maybe if change one then it will work well. Our spotlight has been tested can compatible 
    with most transformers, however maybe still cannot work well with few ones. Our R&D is still continuing their 
    works on it to do improvement, having idea to take the driver out from the spotlight and combine it with the 
    transformer, then we can offer all together to you, any news about this I will keep you updated.
  • • The price is too high:
    Our company takes this product as our most powerful product, which we aimed to push to the world since last 
    autumn's HK Fair. So all materials we chose for this product are with high quality approved, like the CREE led, 
    IC from UK, high quality capacitor, special designed driver etc., all these keep the cost of this product is high. 
    However, price is flexible based on the quantity, and believe once we open cooperation together, our company 
    will have the capacity to offer better profit price for you. And at the beginning, we sincerely welcome you try 
    samples first, and if you feel it is really a potential product on your market, then believe price will not be the first 
    problem to our cooperation, as price is always negotiable.
  • • What certification are you with?
  • • Does WEJ design its products?
    Yes, WEJ designs and assembles all the products we are selling. Our engineers have abundant knowledge of 
    optics, electronics, mechanical and thermal management, as well as light control technology. Some of them 
    have successful experience to design lighting products for world famous brands. Our basic principle to design 
    internal driver and circuit is safety under EMC/UL list possibility and reliability.
  • • What LEDs do you usually use for your LED products?
    For high power LED luminaires we mainly use Cree and Epistar LEDs, We use some Samsung as well. We 
    also take WEJ LEDs that produced by ourselves.
  • • What is the main market for WEJ?
    We are selling more to EU and North America because the markets have high quality standard for LED products. 
    The rate stands our turnover up to 70-80%. But other new markets are increasing demand of the new LED technology. 
    We are also optimistic with the markets for other American and Asian regions.
  • • What will be WEJ products for the next year?
    WEJ is devoted to innovation in the lastest LED technlogy. We never stop researching new LED lights since 
    the establishment. We keep the valued customers posted of newsletters on the development every week. You 
    can get the news after subscribing in our mail list.
  • • May I have free samples?
    We sincerely hope could do cooperation with you but it’s really feel very sorry on the demands of free samples…
    Our company have the idea of cherish each pc product, that’s why we don’t keep sample stock, we each time
    newly produce them with our material, labour, machine etc., and once finished we will test them 24 – 48 hours
    before delivery, these links all produce cost. So it will be impossibility to move the production line and ask them
    produce products for personal freely, only our account’s production order can move them, and our account
    never key out free production order…
    We hope the best we can do is supply our best product to our partners, but not do free samples at a beginning
    cooperation, that from some extent also a sincerity we want see from our new customers. Really hope your kind
    understanding on it. 
  • • How to handle the heat dissipation problem? Keep 7w/10W in such a small shell?
    Almost every people have this doubt the first time they see this product, however this point is just happened
    to be our technology advantage.
    First,the driver inside the spotlight is specially developed by our R&D with over 1year time, during that time
    the temperature bear possibility testing of the driver be continued, and the testing performance is approved good.
    Second, the LEDs used in the spotlight also own high quality like CREE, OSRAM, and also one style our R&D
    developed out, these leds can bear highest 120鈩? however the highest junction temperatureon the chip of the
    spotlight is only 95-100鈩? so there have no problem on the leds.
    Besides, our spotlight shell also unique designed with Gaps and vents, which keep the heat inside can be quickly
    conducted into the air, that’s also why when the spot is on lighting, the surface of the shell is very hot.
    So from above three aspects, our R&D have solved the dissipation problem during their initial design on this product. 
  • • How to buy WEJ products?
    Please directly contact WEJ sales team via writing to serve@yongerjia.com or make a call at 0086-33183268 ext 813.
    We will respond with quick service maximum within 12 hours. 
  • • Do you have warranty for products?
    Yes, we have 2 or 3 years warranty for different kinds of products.
    During the period, if customers have the approval showing product quality issues and if certified by WEJ engineers,
    we would request customers to ship back the failure parts and replace new items with the transportation charged
    being paid by us. 
  • • Can WEJ do customized assembly or offer OEM product?
    WEJ has gained a lot of experience on OEM assembly of LED spot lighting.
    The spotlight can have different colors, customer logos and labels.
    We will strictly follow the principal that we won’t disclose or sell customer unique designs or jointly developed
    products to another third party. 
  • • What is your lead time?
    Usually we ship sample 1-3 days, batch orders in 3 - 15 days.
    It will take a little longer if with heavy burden of production situation.
    It also takes more time with customized products. 
  • • What are the best selling products in WEJ?
    - LED Spot light MR16,GU10, 7W(550lm) & 10W(750lm & 850lm)
    - LED Mini spot: MR11 3W & 5W
    - LED Bulb
    - LED Down light
    - LED Tube  
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