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Product Type : LED Candle Light
Place of origin : China
Model No: WHBC0403E14-VP0LM
Price Terms: EXW Factory
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Package: 60pcs/Carton
Minimum Order: 100pcs
Delivery Time: 10-15 working days
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Features:Green lighting mercury lead and heavy metals harmful to human beings, no strobe when the
work started fast, does not produce luminescence when ultraviolet light, will not attract mosquitoes will
not be damaged due to frequent switching products in the same illumination can replace traditional
40W fluorescent lamp
Circuit design: the power of this product with wide voltage non-isolated circuit design, small size, the
power conversion efficiency of greater than 95%, the design of open-circuit protection, short circuit
protection, overload protection, lightning surge protection function, due to the power grid in the course
of output voltage or power supply when an exception doesnot cause damage to the LED light module
with low noise, low temperature, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, high-life
Structural design: the parts of a modular structure design, without screws and glue in the assembly
process, production assembly and maintenance and replacement quick and easy. Dealers or users in
remote simple training by the manufacturer to repair and replacement parts. Aviation aluminum heat
sink with high thermal conductivity, lightweight design into a beautiful cylindrical, effectively increase
the contact area of the radiator and air, to form a good heat dissipation to ensure that the product at
room temperature (25 ° C) temperature does not exceed 47 ° C in order to effectively guarantee the
Life time: light of the product failure is very small, the service life can reach up to more than 50,000
hours at room temperature (25 ° C),life expectancy is 10 times more than the traditional halogen
lamps.Frequent replacement of the lamp, reducing maintenance and management costs 

  • Technical parameters
    Optical Parameters
      Luminous Flux (LM) 350
      CCT(K) 2700
      CRI >80
      Beam Angle 320°
    Electrical Parameters
      Rated Power (W) 4
      Working Voltage(V) AC100-240V
      Working Frequency(Hz) 50/60
      Working Temperature -25° ~ +45°

    Size & Base Type

      Size (mm) ¢35*120
      Base Type E14
      Weight(g) -
    Color & Material
      Color Gold or Chrome
      Material Aluminum
      Surface Process Electroplating
      Lifespan >30000H
      Dimming Function No Dimming
      IP Level IP20

  • Dimension
  • Packaging & Storage
      Inner Box(mm) 84*45*140
      Master CARTON(mm) 470*270*165
      Pcs/Carton 60
      Gross Weight(kg) 3.5
      Volume(m³) 0.02
      Storage Temperature Range -40°~+85°
      Operating Humidity 20~90 %(non-condensing)

  • Notes
    1. Operating voltge for this LED lamp is AC100-240V, so make sure the operating voltage suitable before connecting power supply to the spotlight, and then choose the    correct power supply for it because incorrect connection of voltage lighting may cause permanent damage.
    2. This item is semi-outdoor application product, do not use it in the places where will be showered by rain.
    3. Use lamp holder matching when it is installed.
    4. It is not allowed to disassemble the lamps unless you are technician.

 - High CRI
- Long Lifetime
- High Brightness
- Energy Saving
- Heat Dissipation Design
- UV / IR Free
- E14 Base
-- Excellent heat Design
- Wide angle range
Key Applications:                         
- Shop Lighting
- Office Lighting
- Commercial Lighting
- Plant Lighting
- Stairway Lighting
- Corridor Lighting
- Cabinet / Shelf Lighting-
- Directly in place of 40W Halogen Light
- Home Lighting                       
  • File Name
    Type & note
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